Home Source Property Management of Yakima

       In an ideal world managing your investment property would be an easy task. Your property would be easy to market and when a tenant moved out you would soon be flooded with qualified tenants wanting to rent your property. In an ideal world, water pipes would never break, tenants wouldn't call you at 2 A. M. because they are locked out or the neighbor's music is too loud. The truth is, when managing your real estate investment there is a lot of work involved.   

      With all the available rental units in Yakima, tenants have many options from which to choose. Here at Home Source, we have developed marketing plans to reach more prospective tenants that will effectively decrease your vacancy time and put more money into your pocket.

      Your property needs to be represented in the most courteous and professional way possible.  Whether you need tenant screening assistance, tenant procurement or full management services, the Home Source team can meet your requirements.

Designed to meet you needs, Home Source’s services are as follows:
Applicant Processing Service
Leasing Service
Full Service Management
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