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In an ideal world, you'd have time.

In an ideal world, managing your investment property would be an easy task. Your property would be easy to market and when a tenant moved out, you’d be flooded with qualified tenants wanting to rent your property.

In an ideal world, water pipes would never break, tenants wouldn’t call at 2 am, and everyone would pay their bills on time. The truth is, managing real estate investment properties entails a lot of work.

What makes it even more difficult, is that with the number of available rental units in Yakima, tenants have many options to choose from. So why choose yours? That’s where we come in. Here at The Home Source of Yakima, we know the community, service vendors, and what’s trending in the real estate and rental property markets. We have developed strategic marketing plans, with these things in mind, to reach more prospective tenants, which translates into a decrease in vacancy time and more money in your pocket.

The Home Source of Yakima will represent your property competently and professionally. Whether you need tenant screening, tenant procurement, or full property management services, our team will meet your needs.
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Applicant Processing

✓ Process Applications, including:
  • Running Credit Reports
  • Running limited Public Record Searches
  • Calling current & former Landlords
  • Verifying Employment
✓ Discuss the processed application with you.
✓ Maintain a complete file of all applicants.

Leasing Services

✓ Answer calls regarding your properties.
✓ Show your properties.
✓ Take applications from prospective tenants.
✓ Screen Applicants.
✓ Setup all required paperwork including:
  • Rental Agreement
  • Agency Disclosure Form
  • Lead Paint Disclosure Form
  • Smoke Detector Notice
  • Pet Addendum (if applicable)
  • Repair Access Authorization Forms
✓ Provide a complete accounting of all monies received.
✓ Maintain complete records of files.

Full Service Management

✓ Market your property.
✓ Procure tenants.
✓ Perform Leasing Services.
✓ Oversee complete move-in/move-out process.
✓ Perform rent collection and bill paying on your behalf.
✓ Perform maintenance scheduling and completion follow-up.
✓ Provide monthly computerized reports.

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